Hantam Municipality

Hantam Munisipaliteit/Municipality

Financial Information

IMPORTANT: Hantam Municipality will never contact a service provider to request money for any tender, formal quotations, or quotations.

The core function of this directorate is to ensure sound financial management.

The four departments of this directorate are:

  • Expenditure and assets: providing financial services to management and council in respect of the salary budget process, the payroll, creditors’ administration and financial administration of council’s capital assets, the capital assets register, the insurance policy and external borrowing.
  • Income: ensuring the levying of service charges and property rates as well as collecting all income owing to the municipality.
  • Supply chain management: providing a supply chain management system and procurement which is transparent, efficient and competitive, while ensuring best value for money for the municipality.
  • Budget and accounting: providing financial services to council, management and various external bodies in respect of year-end and in-year financial reporting, financial management, the operational and capital budget, managing cash flow and investments and implementing the Municipal Finance Management Act.